Great reliable source! Roidsmall communication is on point. I have been ordering from Roidsmall since 2009. They had a little bit of a hiatus around that time but they surprisingly made everything right with me so I decided to start ordering from them again in 2011. There hasn’t been anymore hiccups since!

First off let me say this review is long overdue and well deserved. The products I received are from a promo from almost a freaking year ago. My bad Roidsmall on the length of time it has taken me. I haven’t been on the site or in the gym much due to a back injury.

ANYWAYS, my promo packs were packaged great and everything was there! Not to mention that everything was free!! Gotta give the credit to Roidsmall for this one. Looks like they have their T/A back on track from a couple years ago. I’ll be ordering more from Roidsmall for sure…..they hooked me up.

The cabaser worked like a charm with the Tren I was taking from another source. The anavar was excellent. I actually went with a anavar and clen only cycle during the summer and had great results. The clen was super strong. I have taken A LOT of clen and in my personal opinion it’s OVER dosed.

All in all, Roidsmall is a reliable legit source and I look forward to ordering more from them in the future.