I’ve known of Roidsmall for almost 10 years and for some reason I never tried it until right now. They are always well talked about and praised, just thought it was too good to be true. I was wrong. This company is great. To me it comes down to 2 things.

1) Communication
2) Quality

Cost isn’t a factor when you know you are getting these 2 things above. To top it off though, the prices are terrific! So there isn’t anything negative i can say at this point.

Communication was on point. I am not one to follow up or hassle anyone about shipping. My order was broken up into multiple packages and I received the bulk of it within a week or so. The last one hadn’t shown up yet, so I thought I would drop a message and month in. I told them it’s almost been a month, supplied tracking, and they said if it doesn’t show up in a week they would reship. It showed up the next day! Patience is key, but just to know they will reply to an inquiry promptly helps sooth any worries.

Packaging was perfect. Time and care put into each one that goes out.

Quality is just how I expected it to be, on point. Tabs are well pressed (no shake, dust, crumbling, stomach cramps, etc.)

T3 is strong. I use my T4 with my GH and it gives me that little extra kick. The proviron keeps me up and running. Primo is smooth. Very minimal PIP, if any at all. I sort of enjoy a little PIP so it wouldn’t bother me but this stuff is pretty smooth. No jams or hard to press. Just started the Masteron (first time using Dragon Pharma) and its definitely worth the extra price. Too early to give result feedback on the Masteron but I’m sure it’s legit. All together everything is working just as how I expected it to work.

Will definitely be ordering again. Actually putting together my next order right now.