About Us


I founded Anabol-Steroids.biz back in 2007 before eventually joining up with my two partners, Sean and Mark.  At 6’2” and 185 pounds you can guess that I am not much of a weight lifter, but rather prefer things like, running, biking, yoga and meditation. When we first set up this site I was not very knowledgeable about steroids. I had a strong background in marketing which helped in many other ways.  Over the years now my knowledge of our products has grown tremendously.  However, I admit that I don’t have the patience for answering lots of questions when there is already plenty of information on the internet for anyone who is serious about utilizing our products. Please do your research on us and the products first, or else it is better to contact my partners Sean and Mark as they actually use our products and will be more willing to answer questions for you. Thank you for your business!


I’ve been living in Bangkok for nearly 9 years now and came to know Vic as we were buying gear from the same source and quite often bumped into each other. At that time I was buying the gear to sell to a few lads back home and of course I would sample quite a bit myself too. I’m no Arnie but let’s just say, there ain’t a jar of pickles that my wife has asked me to open that I haven’t been able to open the fuck out of!!  

At the same time however, I could tell that unlike me, Vic clearly wasn’t juicing, lifting, none of that. Based on that I figured that he must have a market for the gear he was buying. So, in the words of Don Corleone himself “I made him an offer he couldn’t refuse” and we soon became partners.

As well as being personally able to attest to the quality of a lot of the products we offer, I am also responsible for packaging & dispatching most if not all of our orders and of course communicating with you guys. I am constantly coming up with and perfecting new ways to package your orders to ensure they are delivered safely and keep us all off the radar. I believe our packaging is one of the things that set us apart from our competitors and if you have done any research on us you would see our customers seem to agree with that. Our successful delivery rate easily rivals any of the other top distributors online, maybe even beats them.

I think I’ve said enough so I’ll finish of by saying thanks to all of our customers for your support.  Cheers!


I’ve been living in Bangkok for about 7 years now with my wife and kid and have had the unfortunate luck of meeting Sean and Vic along the way.  Now it feels like I’m stuck with them like a bad rash!

Joking aside, I am now in my 40’s and I am 6’ feet tall and about 230 pounds.  I spend a lot of time in the gym and probably know more about weight training than most people that call themselves “trainers” do. We only ever sell products from the worlds leading and most established Manufacturers and I use them myself as well.

I was a “silent partner” for a long time (which is how I preferred it), but business has grown so much that it is necessary for me to step onto the front lines.  If you’ve spoken to someone on our live chat instant message then you have most likely spoken with me and that’s partly because I have a strong knowledge of our products, but mostly, because I’m the only one of the group that can type worth a shit! 

The last thing I want to say is for anybody who is new to the site and may be a little apprehensive about giving us a shot. Understand we are just 3 regular guys who by chance crossed paths in a city a long way from our homelands. This is how we make our living, it puts food on our tables, it pays our bills etc., so we take it very seriously, if ever there’s an issue, speak to us and we’ll sort it out. It’s what keeps us ahead of the game.  We appreciate your business and loyalty, thank you!  

That’s all for the “About Us” page. Thank you for reading it.