This is the first time I’ve ordered from an overseas source and I’m quite relieved that I found a trustworthy company. I was prepared to lose the money for this order to test out the source. I actually purchased 3 vials from my local supplier(at a much higher price) before making this order in case my stuff didn’t arrive lol. And shipping was fast at 2 weeks from the shipping date. Will be making more purchases in the following week.

Prompt and concise updates on details like receipt of payment, shipping date and tracking number. Very discreet.

Kalpa Pharmaceuticals Sustaxyl 350 x 3 – First pin was yesterday. No PIP. Regarding PIP from KP products, I’m surprised so many people are complaining about it. Are you guys pinning properly? Or is it the small but more vocal minority that’s allergic to certain oils? Anyway, hope this cycle goes well.