Oxandroxyl 10

oxandroxyl 10Oxandroxyl is one of the drugs manufactured by Kalpa Pharmaceuticals. Now, this steroid is especially popular among bodybuilders due to its high effectiveness and low likelihood of side effects. Judging by the numerous reviews on Oxandroxyl 10 mg, the drug has a fairly mild effect on the body.

The first modification of this steroid appeared in 1960, then it was produced under the name Anavar. At that time, due to the many therapeutic properties of the drug, it was widely used in traditional medicine until 1989. But after some time, the drug almost completely disappeared from the vast world market until 1995, when Bio-Technology decided to release an improved modification of the drug called Oxandrin. In those days, the price of this drug was overstated, but now due to the fact that the mass production of this steroid began, the cost of the drug has become acceptable. We sell Oxandroxyl 10 mg at prices below than in pharmacy.

Product Description

For the most part, this drug is used to accelerate weight gain after surgery, as well as accelerate rehabilitation and other processes that contribute to weight loss. It is worth noting the fact that the properties of Oxandroxyl 10 can also be used by people with cancer and HIV infected. Moreover, this steroid has a positive effect on the excessive effects of corticosteroids while also compacting bone tissue. In some cases, this drug is prescribed for children to treat hepatitis and hormonal imbalance.

It is worth noting that many athletes decide to buy Oxandroxyl (Kalpa Pharma) also because it can significantly increase the concentration of red blood cells in the blood, which accordingly increases endurance and improves the results of the training process. Moreover, as most experts note, Oxandrolone is among the few steroids that, among other things, also have a positive effect on the processes of splitting of fat cells. According to the results of numerous studies, the active components of this steroid have a direct effect on the start of lipolysis processes.

Possible Side Effects

The main feature of this steroid is the lack of ability to provoke the occurrence of side effects of estrogenic nature. Also, during the cycle, the athlete may not be afraid of gynecomastia, water retention and aromatization. But this does not mean that this drug is absolutely safe. In case of deviation from the recommendations of a specialist, the drug can cause acne, accelerated hair growth on face and body, alopecia.

Women note a manifestation of virilization. Nevertheless, taking this drug in accordance with the recommendations will allow you to get the desired effects without the above side effects. Remember that increasing the dosage does not always lead to an increase in the positive effects, sometimes on the contrary can lead to disastrous results. In our online store you can always buy Oxandroxyl 10 at affordable price.