Dianoxyl 10

dianoxyl 10Dianoxyl 10 (Kalpa Pharmaceuticals, Methandienone) currently belongs to the category of the most famous Indian-made drugs used in sports. It is produced mainly in oral form, and in its effectiveness can be inferior only to Anadroxyl. The first modification of the drug was developed long ago, but to this day it is in high demand among athletes of various sports. It is worth noting that a well-designed cycle will help a bodybuilder not only to avoid the occurrence of side effects, but also significantly accelerate the process of gaining muscle mass. Those who want to profitably buy Dianoxyl 10, can contact our specialists who will not only help you place your order, but will also be happy to answer any of your questions.

Product Description

The molecular structure of Kalpa’s Dianoxyl 10 is similar to testosterone. And indeed, this drug has a powerful anabolic and moderate androgenic effect. According to research scientists, an athlete taking this drug at a dosage of 10 mg can increase the concentration of hormones about five times.
In other words, with a correctly prepared cycle, an athlete can significantly accelerate the processes of muscle growth. The active components of this steroid also have a positive effect on the processes of protein synthesis, and, according to most experts, the anabolic effectiveness of this drug is much higher than catabolic. According to most professional athletes, in their reviews on Dianoxyl 10, they say that to improve the effectiveness of the cycle, you must also adhere to proper nutrition.

What results to expect

It is not in vain that many professional athletes before Dianoxyl 10 cycle must pass a complex of tests and go with the results to a consultation with a specialist who will help him to choose the optimal intake regimen. Thus, the athlete can not only get the maximum result from the cycle, get rid of fatty deposits, but also get the following results without side effects:

  • Improving mood;
  • Improving the functioning of the immune system;
  • Strengthening the skeleton;
  • Stimulation of muscle growth;
  • Increased strength indicators;
  • Activation of the processes of splitting of fat cells.

Can this steroid be combined with other anabolics?

Usually, experts recommend that an athlete take this drug in a dosage not exceeding 30 mg. This approach to the cycle will allow you to get the maximum result, while not fearing the manifestation of side effects. The duration of the cycle should be no more than 1.5 months. Following the instructions of a specialist, an athlete will be able to achieve muscle growth of up to 8 kg.

It is worth noting that this drug can provoke aromatization, and for this reason many experts recommend using drugs with an antiestrogenic effect. Of course, this drug helps you to get excellent results in a solo cycle, but experienced athletes prefer to take it in combination with other steroids to enhance the effect. In our online store there is always the opportunity to profitably buy Dianoxyl 10.