methanocrin eternuss pharma

Product Description

Product Name: Methanocrin
Chemical Name: Methandienone
Manufacturer: Eternuss Pharma
Presentation: 10 ml vial, 50 mg/ml

Methanocrin by Eternuss a derivative of Methandienone dramatically increases protein synthesis, glycogenolysis (process of conversion of glycogen polymers to glucose monomers), and muscle strength within a short span of time. Its effect results in fast growth of muscle tissue. The quick gain in mass and strength is due to the water retention property of this steroid. Methandienone acts faster than the natural hormonal steroid testosterone.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sergio Oliva are two best examples of long term users of Methandienone. Methanocrin is a stackable steroid means it can be given along with other steroids. For quite some time Methanocrin was given officially to U.S. weightlifters for competing in Olympics and other global competitions. Methanocrin has shown no high tendency of reaction with androgen receptor.

17 alpha methylation of Methandienone allows it to pass through the liver without any risk of it getting broken down in the body thereby emphasizing that it can be taken orally without having any adverse impact on body. Methandienone is also characterized of having a decreasing effect on sex hormone’s binding affinity towards globulin in the body. Globulin is a protein that is capable of de-activating the molecules of steroid and inhibiting them for any further reactions inside the body. As a result of this Methandienone is considered a highly active component when compared to an equivalent amount of testosterone. This results in speedy growth of muscle tissue.

On the other hand the associated rise in estrogen levels resulting from the aromatization of Methandienone further generate higher water retention capability in cells of the body. In turn, it generates an impression of higher increase in mass of the body and muscular strength. This happens as long as the steroid is active in body with regular intake of it. Once stopped, the water retention starts decreasing thereby resulting in weight loss.

Because of these factors Methanocrin is generally used by bodybuilders and athletes at the beginning of a steroid cycle. Its use will provide rapid gains in both strength and size.