humalog eli lilly
Humalog by Eli Lilly

Product Description

Product Name: Humalog Insulin (Fast Acting)
Chemical Name: Insulin Lispro
Manufacturer: Eli Lilly
Presentation: 5 x 3ml cartridges, 100 IU/ml
Average Dose: 1iu per 15 – 20 pounds bodyweight
Half Life: 1.5 to 3 hours
Water Retention: Yes

Humalog Insulin is prescribed for the treatment of Type-1 diabetes in adults. Humalog Insulin is prescribed as a combined therapy with other fast-acting forms of insulin or with oral anti-diabetic drugs Humalog Insulin is fast-acting insulin that can effectively lower the elevated blood sugar.


Humalog Insulin is contraindicated in patients with hepatic or renal diseases. An adjusted dosage may be needed in diabetic patients who are on oral anti-diabetic drugs. Insulin Lispro should be a part of diabetes treatment with proper diet and exercise.

Other Drug Interactions

Humalog Insulin can interact with reserpine, clonidipine, albuterol, beta-blockers such as timolol, metoprolol, labetalol, atenolol and nadolol.

Other Interactions

Do not consume alcohol while receiving Insulin Lispro. It can result in serious form of hypoglycemia. Direct exposure of Insulin Lispro to sunlight can result in degradation of insulin molecules.

In the human body insulin is secreted by the pancreas. The release of this hormone is most closely tied to glucose, although a number of other factors including pancreatic & gastrointestinal hormones, amino acids, fatty acids and ketone bodies are also involved. Its role in the body is to control the uptake, utilization and storage of amino acids, carbohydrates and fatty acids by various cells of your body. The activity of Humalog Insulin is both anabolic and anti-catabolic, the hormone stimulating the use and retention cellular nutrients while inhibiting their breakdown. Skeletal muscle cells are among the many targets of this hormone’s action, and the reason pharmaceutical insulin has made its way into the realm of athletics. But this is a little tricky because insulin can also promote nutrient storage in fat cells, obviously an unwanted result. Athletes have found however, that a strict regimen of intense weight training and a diet without excess caloric intake can result in insulin showing a much higher affinity for protein and carbohydrate storage in muscle cells. This could produce rapid and noticeable growth, the muscles beginning to look fuller (and sometimes more defined) almost immediately after starting insulin therapy.

The fact that Humalog Insulin use cannot be detected by urinalysis has ensured it a place in the drug regimens of many professional bodybuilders. Humalog Insulin is often used in combination with other “contest safe” drugs like human growth hormone, thyroid medications and low dose testosterone injections, and together can have a dramatic effect on the users physique without fear of a positive urinalysis result. Those who do not have to worry about drug testing however, find Humalog Insulin and anabolic/androgenic steroids a very synergistic combination. This is because the two actively support an anabolic state through different mechanisms, insulin enhancing the transport of nutrients into muscle cells and steroids (among other things) increasing the rate of cellular protein synthesis.

The actual medical purpose for insulin is to treat different forms of diabetes. Specifically the human body may not be producing insulin (Type-1 diabetes) or may not recognize insulin well at the cell site although some level is present in the blood (Type-2 diabetes). Type-1 diabetics are therefore required to inject insulin on a regular basis, as they are left without a sufficient level of this hormone. Along with medication, the individual will need to constantly monitor blood glucose levels and regulate their sugar intake. Together with lifestyle modifications such as regular exercise and developing a balanced diet, insulin dependent individuals can live a healthy and full life. Untreated, diabetes can be a fatal disease.


The dosage of Insulin Lispro is individualized, and based on patient’s requirement and clinical response. The total insulin dosage is approx. 1iu per 15 to 20 pounds of bodyweight. Insulin Lispro should be administered at least 15 minutes before meals. The subcutaneous injections should be given as a rotating fashion in the abdominal wall, buttocks, upper arm and thigh.

For intravenous administration, Humalog Insulin should be administered under medical supervision to avoid hypokalemia and hypoglycemia.