Five Reasons Why You Need Growth Hormone Therapy

Human growth hormone, or GH, is becoming more and more popular with middle-aged and elderly patients all over the world. This has caused the compound to become more readily available to bodybuilders looking for every possible edge in their very competitive sport. Here are a few reasons why bodybuilders will benefit tremendously from GH use.

Lean muscle mass increase

growth hormone therapy

The main reason many young bodybuilders buy human growth hormone is that it does lead to an increase in lean muscle mass. This causes the patient to become stronger in the gym, and able to complete more repetitions with the heavy weights formerly used for low repetition work. Users of GH who don’t lift weights will still see an increase in muscle mass and strength, but those users who do will see a much faster growth trend.

Reduction in body fat

Even with no modifications in diet, you will see a slow but steady reduction in body fat through the use of growth hormone. Obviously, if you are engaging in an actual dieting phase, an increase in cardiovascular exercise and a reduction in overall caloric intake should be used to facilitate greater change, along with perhaps a fat burning such as the ECA stack. Simple addition of GH will lead to several percentage points’ reduction in body fat over several months’ time.

Better cholesterol control

As you may already know, LDL cholesterol is the kind you should avoid, that leads to heart disease. HDL is the good kind, which strengthens cardiovascular system function. GH use elevates HDL levels in users with low levels. The return to desired range within two months and stay there, even with no diet modifications. Since bodybuilders consume so much meat and eggs, cholesterol control is a very real need.

Stamina boost

Growth hormone leads to an increase in oxygen in the bloodstream. Aside from the mental and organ function benefits this provides, there is also a significant boost in aerobic performance capacity that accompanies this boost. This leads to more repetitions being completed on every movement. It means we can train longer and harder when it comes to cardiovascular exercise. It means we don’t become winded as easily in all the things we do in life, including posing, a major breakdown point for many bodybuilders.

Mental Effects

Much of what we do in bodybuilding requires a strong mental acumen. Doling out food portions, showing up on the gym on days we don’t want to, and keeping that drive alive for years of the same monotonous training can be hard sometimes. Growth hormone delivers a mental focus and concentration that helps make performing these mundane tasks easier.

Remember that GH use doesn’t lead to fast results, but over time its results will be dependable and consistent. Bodybuilders do not “need” growth hormone, but they will see significant improvements in all areas of their diet and training should they choose to use it. It’s a great tool, when used with healthy lifestyle elements such as diet and exercise, for prolonging length and quality of life.