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T-Prop Meditech

T-Prop, Meditech, Germany
Chemical name: Testosterone Propionate

The body has a natural hormone, testosterone, which is responsible for the development of certain features such as muscles. The ability of the body to produce certain amounts of testosterone affects a lot in skeletal, sexual and muscular development. In most cases the testosterone is produced naturally by the body thus referred to as endogenous testosterone, but it can also be synthesized and administered in esters such as testosterone propionate. Testosterone propionate is a compound that is as a result of etherification of the testosterone hormone to increase its half-life, apart from the propionate complex; other forms of testosterone can be fond as cypionate or enanthate complexes which differ from the propionate testosterone in terms of the longevity of their half-lives.
T-Prop is produced as an oil based compound that is administered to the body through injections. The pionate complex enables the exogenous testosterone to hold on top its androgenic receptors much longer therefore staying in the body without aromatization for a long period of time which limits the number of dosages one has to take. One advantage of the pionate complex over the other ester forms is that it allows the testosterone hormone to act much faster while still staying in the body longer.
When testosterone propionate is injected into the body, it cannot be readily taken up. The ester portion of the steroid has to be broken down and the hormone released from the molecular chain for it to be used. The process of breaking down testosterone propionate is done by a group of enzymes called esterase. The function of these enzymes is removing the ester from the steroid. The heaviness of the ester portion of the steroid affects the duration of the steroid in the body as well as how fast the steroid will induce effects. The propionate ester is the lightest of esters that is used with testosterone and thus is disintegrated the easiest. Since the propionate ester is the lightest, it takes up smaller volumes and amounts in the steroid which means that one gets more volumes of the hormone as opposed to the much heavier chains of the testosterone ethers such as enanthate.
Although testosterone propionate has a long half life than the actual hormone, due to the fast dissociation and absorption in the body, one needs to keep on injecting themselves with the compound for maximum effects. The relatively shorted period of time that the steroid stays in the body, when compared to the other esters such as the enanthate complex has several disadvantages but has disadvantages as well. One of the advantages of using the propionate complex steroid is that it takes lesser time for the body to wash out and that makes the steroid a preferred choice for women and some athletes.
The side effects of taking testosterone propionate are similar to those of ingesting any ester that has testosterone, but due to the light ester that is easily washed out, the severity coming from effects of the esters in the body are minimized. The testosterone amount in the body usually may dictate the severity of the effects associated with testosterone such as acne and fat loses.
There are numerous considerations that one should look into before using T-Prop; it is always necessary to first consult a doctor for a medical checkup.

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